Grinding mill Schwerin

The wheels of the water pumping station at Fauler See (lake) have been turning since 1705. In the middle of the 18th century, it started processing large rocks. As a ducal mill, the mill produced mainly table tops, window sills, or steps for the castle of the Duke. The processing of rocks by the mill ended upon completion of the castle in Schwerin in 1857. In the following decades, the watermill operated as a woolen mill and was closed in the early 20th century. After this, the water wheel stood still as well. The mill was brought to life again when it became used as a home two decades later. In 1983, one started to consider the historical value of the mill. The exhibition area with the reconstructed art of the 18th century was re-opened, for the 825 year anniversary of Schwerin in 1985.

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