Health resort 'Plau am See' offers an ideal starting point for tourists who want to experience the town alongside, on and in the water. The name of the town derives from a Slavic settlement called 'Plawe'. Once a medieval town of fishermen and rafters, the adjacent big lake of Plau invites you to experience various water activities.

Choose from two ferry trips on the big lakes in order to go to cities like Malchow, Waren, and Röbel. The unique waterscape can be enjoyed and experienced by boat, canoe, or by a sailing tour. Along the Müritz-Elde-waterway you can admire watergates, a water tower, and a suspension bridge dating from 1916. The medieval castle tower and frame houses form an additional sight in the city of Plau. At the promenade, guests can enjoy quaint bars in a relaxed atmosphere. The nature and conservation areas around Plau will invite you for a walk and a bike trip.                           

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