Van der Valk story

In 1929 Martinus and Riet van der Valk founded the restaurant "De Gouden Leeuw" in the Dutch city "Voorschoten". It was the beginning of the unique success story of Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants.

Firstly, they only sold lemonade and coffee in "De Gouden Leeuw". But later on, they prepared pancakes and other goodies for your hungry customers. The news of good food and beverages at fair prices spread quickly. Soon, the restaurant became too small and thus had to be expanded. In 1939, the adjacent street had to be widened. "De Gouden Leeuw" was torn down. But drowning in self-pity? No way! A new building with the same name was built in the same area - with ten of the first motel rooms.

When Martinus Van der Valk 1969 passed away, there existed already 16 motels and restaurants. A cornerstone for the family enterprise - there was a business each for every son and daughter. Over the years, more than 100 grandchildren and great-grandchildren joined the family enterprise. Nowadays, one can find more than 90 hotels and restaurants around the world. Every hotel is managed by a family member. Each hotel has its own, personal character. But nevertheless, the family hotels are always recognizable!

If you see the toucan in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain or the Caribbean, then you know: This is the ideal place to relax, hold a meeting or do other activities for an unusually good price. The first hotel in Germany was opened in 1986 in Moers. Today, the Van der Valk group, including nine hotels, two-holiday resorts, two indoor ski parks, a water ski facility as well as other tourist establishments is presented on the German tourism market.


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Family Van der Valk