Guided tours

You are staying a few days in Spornitz and want to have a suitable leisure program? Our guided tours in the region surrounding Spornitz might be the perfect opportunity to make your holiday more exciting and diversified. We have everything from culture, sports, and history – we´re sure we find something suiting for you.

Segway tours

One possibility is to explore the region using a Segway. Driving the Segway is not only fun, but you´ll also learn some interesting facts and details from a local guide.

You can choose from different routes. Explore nearby cities like Rostock or Schwerin for example. The Mecklenburg Lake District also offers routes with beautiful sceneries. If it´s your first time driving a Segway, you´ll get the necessary introduction on how to use the vehicle.

Water sports

Water sports enthusiasts get their money's worth in the Spornitz region. The Mecklenburg Lake District, for example, offers a wide range of canoe tours.

Another activity can be diving in the Baltic Sea. After a short theoretical introduction, you´ll be ready to go on your discovery tour.

You can find more tours on The booking platform offers a broad variety of activities and gives you the option to find the right leisure program before booking your accommodation.

We wish you a lot of fun in the Spornitz region.